Students prefer to go online and search for the schools that they find suitable to their interests. So, it is becoming extremely necessary for Universities and Colleges to equip SEO. This will help them stand out from the other institutes available. This can attract prospective students to join their institution by appearing at the top of the search result. Local SEO paid search strategies, responsive websites and deep content is a priority to showcase the qualities of why someone should pick your campus in the first place.


To improve the footfall, traffic, and queries for the website of the University of Sheffield’s hospitality and catering programs. The campaign also included targeting the competitive areas of catering and wedding venues as well.


We planned to go ahead with selecting locally themed phrases that had a high amount of intent in searches. Considering that the website was already well established, we mainly focused on improving the content of the website and ensuring that the targeted keywords and key phrases were used enough on the website to gather attention. Recently SEO has been very much about having quality content on your website and this was how we together with the University of Sheffield were successful.


An absolute jump in success was seen right after we were done with the execution of our plan. The target phrases helped increase the client’s online visibility substantially. This ultimately resulted in improved search results which led to an immense rise in organic site visits to the website.

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