How to use Google Trends for SEO

Finding the right keywords while deciphering the user’s search intent behind the scratch can get really tricky. But with Google Trends, you can shorten the research time by getting the relevant popular keywords for a certain location and for a particular time frame.

In this blog, we are sharing 5 ways that you can utilize the Google Trends result to improve your SEO marketing efforts.

But before that, let’s understand a bit about the tool that you are going to be using, which is Google Trends.

What are google trends

To rank high for a search result in Google, you need to know what is trending on the platform in regard to your business. And Google Trends help you do just that.

Google search trends allow users to see the popularity of certain search terms over time. It gives information on the frequency of search queries related to specific keywords and topics. As a user, you can use it to understand what is being searched for and how search patterns change over time.

How to use google trends

You can start using the Google Trends tool in four easy steps:
  1. Go to the Google Trends website.
  2. Type in a keyword or phrase you are interested in tracking.
  3. iew the results, which include several key elements:
    • Interest over time: a line chart showing the popularity of the keyword over time.
    • Regional interest: a map showing the geographical distribution of search queries.
    • Related topics: a list of topics related to the keyword.
    • Rising searches: a list of keywords and topics rapidly gaining popularity.
    • Customize your search by choosing specific countries, periods, categories, and related topics.

Bear in mind that Google does not show the keywords by volume in the search results of the Google Trends tool. The phrases or words you type are ranked based on their popularity per the geographical searches and time range you select.

If you follow the steps mentioned earlier, you can easily answer your query on how to see google search trends. When reading the results, you will get the most out of the statistical data if you have a keen eye for noticing trends and patterns.

How do google trends work

To develop an understanding of the statics displayed in the form of graphs, you need to know beforehand how the data is collected or gathered.

Google works by analyzing billions of search queries made by users. To keep the promise of user privacy, it anonymizes and aggregates the results and displays them as insights into search trends and patterns.

With the information on where google trends data come from, you can start interpreting it for the information you are looking for.

How to use google trends for SEO

SEO is your partner if you run a business online for selling your products or services. It is a long-term and low-risk investment in your business to attract the right buyers. So to make content that answers your ideal customer’s search intent, it is crucial to know what topics are trending in your market.

Below we are answering 5 of your “How To” questions so you can make the most of Google trends results for SEO optimization.

1. How to use google trends to find a niche

It is important to niche down your services once you have a foot in the game. But niching down does not mean becoming irrelevant to your current customer base.

Let’s say you run a jewelry business, and to attract high-paying clients to your services, you need to market your services to solve their problems. As Google Trends analytics give you insight into trendy topics, you can use it to find the searches that contain the problem your target audience is facing.

In the above example, let’s say the problem is “poor chain design.”

Since this search is still relevant to your new customer, you can use the Google Trends tool to find topics around “poor chain design” that also address, let’s say, the issue of “how they lower the status of your gems.”

It is best to pick the topics on the google search trends that show stable growth throughout 2 to 3 years. This way, you can pick the topic that resonates with your audience and avoid the risk of sounding unfamiliar.

2. How to use google trends for keyword research

You must have used the Google Keyword Planner for researching keywords. But the Google Trends’ “Related queries” table gives a better insight into the usefulness of a particular keyword or phrase.

It shows you the exact % search volume increase for related searches regarding the typed word or phrase. Based on the search result, it can be extremely broad and give you more ideas on a particular topic.

As the main emphasis of Google Trends analytics is on the popularity of words or topics and not on the search volume, you can gain an advantage by using these in your website content to attract customers who are aware of a particular problem.

3. How to use the breakout feature of google trends results

The breakout feature on google search trends shows the keywords that are relevant at the time of the search and have the least competition. You can use these to increase your ranking on Google, as they have yet to be mainstream.

Google defines breakout as search terms that have grown by more than 5000% on the popularity matrix. On the graph, they are represented by sudden peaks.

These keywords have a high chance of getting irrelevant quickly as a hot topic in the economic or social spheres mostly triggers their search intent. But you can still use the advantage they provide of wider exposure.

4. How to use google trends for market research

Google Trends analytics can help you find the right keywords for your business.

Let’s say you want to grow your brand by adding more services or products to your business. You can use the “Related Topics” tab to see what related products or relevant searches your customers are finding on Google.

Once you type your main keyword in the search bar, you can use the relevant keywords shown in the “Related Topics” tab as a new product or service category.

5. How to use google trends for PPC campaigns

The main struggle with most PPC campaigns on social media is that the creative fails to catch the audience’s attention. They are often too colorful or too dull to make the user stop their scroll.

Therefore, when you read the related search queries or topics that the google search trends display, you can get an idea of consumer psychology.

If you are a therapist who is attracting an audience for group sessions, the google trends result will give you an idea of how relevant is group sessions to your search audience.

Based on this, you can write a message that won’t be new to your target customers. Also, when you couple this with the data on their location, you can get an insight into the right color scheme for your marketing campaign.

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